ProLaw Users Discussion List

List subscribers can access the discussion list archives by confirming a link via email (valid for 3 months).

  1. Only ProLaw Users Discussion List members can access the archives. Archives back to September 2004 are available. If you haven’t yet subscribed you can do so at the subscription page.
  2. The first time you attempt to access the archives you will need to confirm an access token (link) received by email. Enter your address and click the Get access button.
  3. You only need to request an access token if you logout or once every 3 months. Follow the link in your email then click on the Confirm request button.
  4. After confirming your access token you now have access to the archives and the subscriber area where you can modify your subscription (pause delivery, switch to or from daily digest). A link to the Archives is also on this screen.
  5. Now that you have access, you can go directly to the Archives page anytime you like. Hint: bookmark it for quick access.
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