Relationship Intelligence

Uncovering your relationships and helping you manage them

What if you could tap into your clients and automatically send them emails when they need to complete a task? Or send content that educates them on the process or other offerings at your firm?

It’s not hard to offer. It doesn’t require hiring people or training a new team. It’s about letting technology manage those pieces for you, just like it does for everyone else.

Technology and automation allow you to provide the level of service your clients are accustomed to while giving you back the time to do the important legal work.

Mailbox Mining

Mailbox Mining looks for the people you have conversations with, in the places where you’re having those conversations – your email. We capture those contacts and their information and add them to your email list or send it to your CRM.

If you’re using ProLaw, you can send those contacts directly to ProLaw so everyone is in your shared database where they can be included in conflicts searches. We’ll even populate a custom tab with relevant information so you know who is talking to the contact and how often. This allows you to gauge the strength and importance of the relationship.

Now that all your contacts are in one place, you can follow up on potential business automatically and uncover opportunities for additional relationships using an automated email series.

Client Service Automation

There’s amazing depth in your practice management system. Client Service Automation leverages the information in your ProLaw database to help you better serve your clients.

You can now automate client service functions instead of using staff time. For example:

  • Check in on corporation representation clients with no activity in the last 90 days
  • For newly complete estate plans, provide follow-up information for next steps, like moving assets
  • Collections follow-up that is cognizant of what else is happening with that matter
  • A note of thanks on the anniversary of working with a client
  • Endless possibilities

Client Service Automation frees up your staff for more important work and ensures that client activities don’t fall between the cracks.

We’re Just Getting Started

This is just the beginning. Back in the day, the story was all about a single piece of software that did everything you needed it to. But in today’s world, where you rely on a bunch of different tools and applications for your everyday business, that solution just doesn’t work. So we’re building a cloud-based platform that will give you what you need to run your firm while integrating with your necessary tools.

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