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zebraworks is Born

The idea for zebraworks spun out of the work we were doing at boomtime and the idea that it’s time for law firms to start acting more like businesses. We kept hearing from law firms about the issues they were facing. Combining the idea of mining data from multiple systems to automate processes with the fact that it’s past time for law firms to move their functions to the cloud, we had no choice but to create zebraworks.

In the Beginning...

It all began with an idea to revolutionize the legal industry. Back in the nineties, the software systems that served people performing back office and front office functions were completely separate. This separation required double-entry of some data and inefficiencies throughout the firm.  Bill saw the need to bring Front and Back office functions into a single system . ProLaw was born and became the preferred software solution for mid-sized firms and corporate legal. ProLaw was acquired by Thomson Reuters, and Bill went on to create other legal-specific technologies before landing in marketing. He was always looking for ways to use technology to solve problems. What he saw in B2B was that businesses with good word of mouth did well – but often struggled with consistently growing that word of mouth. He created a new platform that helped B2B businesses, including law firms, use technology to scale their marketing efforts and amplify their word of mouth through automation. Our sister company, boomtime, was born. In our work with B2B, Bill realized that businesses were losing a lot of potential contacts and prospects in their email systems – those contacts were never making it into the CRM and were slipping through the cracks. We built Mailbox Mining to capture those contacts from within the mailboxes, add them to the CRM, and then integrate that into their marketing systems, automatically following up with them to truly amplify their word of mouth. And that’s just the beginning of what we can do by leveraging different data sources.

It’s Time for Law Firms to Harness Technology

It’s a fact. Mid-size law firms aren’t able to grow or to provide a high level of customer service to their clients because they are inhibited by their technology and don’t have access to the same tools as larger firms.

ProLaw was all about being everything in one package. But technology today has gotten too sophisticated to solve it with just one solution like we did back then. There were no good solutions that allowed law firms to manage both their practice management and all the other software pieces firms rely on for their everyday business. So we had to come back and build a platform for that.

Bringing It All Together

zebraworks is about bringing together all the separate tools and applications that are vital to your firm and creating an integrated platform where they can interact – helping you harness technology to provide a higher level of service to both your firm and your clients.

We’re building a practice management platform that brings together all of the tools your firm uses and allows you to manage the workflow across all the applications you’re already using to automate your firm. In the nineties, we brought you the only truly integrated software. But that story doesn’t work in today’s reality where you rely on a bunch of different software pieces for your everyday business. Now, we’re bringing you the only true integration for how law firms work today.

Our experience gives us a unique understanding of what mid-size law firms need and what works to keep you in touch with and in front of your clients. It’s all of the sophistication with none of the complexity – the perfect combination to help grow your firm with relationship intelligence and client service automation.

Meet the Team

The story of zebraworks is also about bringing together the original team that brought you ProLaw. boomtime already had a lot of them and now they are focused on zebraworks. The original band is back together, using their unique talents and insights into technology, law firms, and marketing to create the right platform to meet the needs of mid-size law firms today.
Bill Bice

Bill Bice

A serial entrepreneur, Bill is passionate about helping small businesses grow. Bill started his first company at age 18, growing ProLaw Software into the largest law firm automation system for small and mid-size law firms. Joining the acquirer at Thomson Reuters, Bill joined the management team of the $2B West division, where he used the marketing sophistication of an industry leader to take a brand new offering to market, West km. Bill's goal at zebraworks is to enable mid-size firms to more effectively compete with their larger competitors.
Ken Bassham

Ken Bassham

Ken’s experience helping business grow started with joining ProLaw Software in 1998 as the National Sales Manager. During his tenure, he rolled out the B2B sales team that accelerated ProLaw’s expansion, leading to acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Ken joined the team at Thomson Reuters as Senior Director of Sales, overseeing the law firm segment.
Ben Morin

Benjamin Morin

Ben is a full-stack technologist and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years' experience and a focus on DevOps. As CTO, he directs technology strategy and oversees platform architecture. Ben was previously the Director of Software Development at ProLaw Software and a Senior Software Architect at Thomson Reuters. In 2005, he co-founded boomtime and served fifteen years as its CTO.

Jonathan Jochem

Vice President Of Strategic Planning
Jonathan Jochem previously led government and corporate sales for ProLaw at Thomson Reuters. Jonathan was responsible for the largest ProLaw projects ever sold, including the California Department of Justice and Chubb Insurance. He brings his 25 years of experience in government and corporate legal to lead our strategy and sales in those markets.
Sharon Fincher

Sharon Fincher

Lead Developer
Sharon has spent the last 20 years on development teams of all shapes and sizes, sometimes leading and sometimes just writing scads of amazing code. She has a passion for clean, reusable, bug-free code and knows that reliability and speed are imperative to getting zebraworks clients the results they are after.
Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Product Manager
Kyle has worked implementing and training end-users on enterprise software solutions for the past 11 years, including 5 years with Thomson Reuters as a Project Manager and Application Consultant on the ProLaw legal software. Kyle has extensive knowledge in creating and producing quarterly and annual financial reports as well as the day-to-day report needs of a law firm.
Stefani Odom-Wertz

Stefani Odom-Wertz

Product Advisor
Stef brings order to a world that is all too often full of chaos. As the Product Advisor, Stef brings two decades of product design experience to the project.


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